Welcome to my online gallery

Annette Sexton-Ruiz was born in Chicago and has lived most of her life in Arizona.  Her work has been displayed nationally and internationally.  She participated in the Chicano Art Movement in Chicago’s “Little Mexico” in the 80’s, and also Self-Help Graphics in East Los Angeles throughout the 90’s. She also has lived in Mexico City and visited and studied art in Puerto Rico, Italy, England, Ireland and Cuba.

Annette has a Bachelor of Art from ASU in Art History.

She has created public art though artist residencies and commissions, beginning with a residency the Phoenix Center in 1999.  The majority are ceramic piece murals which now number over twenty and hang throughout the Phoenix Metro area.

Annette focuses on the importance of all cultures.  Her students not only learn how to make art, but also study art’s historical purposes and it’s cultural importance. Her exposures to Latino, Chicano and Irish Cultures are apparent in the use of bold colors, cultural imagery, and social messages in her work.

Annette has also been a social change activist since  the 1980’s.

In the past  years, she has focused her efforts with local pro-immigrant groups, curated art exhibitions which raise the viewers awareness of laws and practices like SB1070 and has devoted her own recent art efforts on social messages from within Arizona.

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