Welcome to my online gallery

Annette Sexton-Ruiz has lived in Chicago, Mexico City and Arizona.   She participated in the Chicano Art Movement in Chicago’s “Little Mexico” in the 1980’s, and also Self-Help Graphics in East Los Angeles throughout the 90’s. She received her Bachelor of Art in Art History from ASU and has studied art in Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Italy, England, Ireland and Cuba.

Annette has created public art though artist residencies and commissions with the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture,  Scottsdale Center for the Arts, the Town of Guadalupe, City of Chandler, Free Arts of AZ, Childsplay, and a residency at the City of Phoenix Art Center 1998- 2000.  Her ceramic piece murals, which number over twenty, can be found throughout Phoenix and it’s suburbs and in County Mayo, Ireland. where she collaborated with artists to create a public Art Mosaic Mural.

Her work has been and is displayed nationally and internationally; in Arizona State University Art Museum, ASU Innovation Gallery, Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco,  Arizona Latino Arts Center, Self Help Graphics Gallery in East Los Angeles and the Herberger Theater Center,  as well as in Mulranny, Ireland and other local arts organizations since the early 1990,s

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